How To Get Him To Propose

#1 Thing You Must Never Do!

wedding dayLately there is a thought that is constantly on your mind and that is “how to get him to propose” because you and your boyfriend have been together for years but you do not seem to be making much progress. You have tried hinting at the topic but he would very cleverly evade the subject every time.

This is affecting you so badly that you are even starting to avoid attending family gatherings as everyone around you will be asking when you are planning to get married! You know that they mean well but you cannot take the pressure so you either end up being alone at home during festive celebrations or having a quiet night with him. Both ways do not seem to make you very much happier.

Does the above description match how you are feeling too? So what can you do to get him to propose to you sooner without making him pull away instead?

Is Marriage Ultimatum Acceptable?

ultimatumBefore providing you with some sound advice which can make him desire to commit to you right away, you should first understand what you really should never do to him. Women who are impatient in getting their boyfriends to marry them may tend to employ this way to trap them, but the sad point is, it will most often result in disaster!

The #1 thing you must absolutely not do is to issue him with a marriage ultimatum! That is, in reality, the easiest way to a marriage suicide instead of a sweet marriage proposal as it will only make your man feel threatened and he would prefer to end the relationship than be ‘forced’ into marrying you.

Don’t get him wrong, he still loves you very much but he is not yet set for this sort of huge commitment and responsibility. Marriage is a major step in life and, to many guys, it carries a huge responsibility and so he has to be very brave to commit himself. He needs to feel ready in order to make that proposal to you. Basically, he has a fear of commitment and he needs help in having that fear removed before he can commit to you.

Therefore, provided you are willing to deal with the results, do not issue an ultimatum on your man! Your man may feel so threatened that he decides to opt for the negative response and you will then have to act on your words.

That said, in the event that you are really sick and tired of being involved in a relationship which is just like a voyage with no end in view, then by all means make the most of this approach. If he really tells you that he has no intention of marrying you, at least you know about it earlier and move on, rather than wasting a your time, biological clock time that is, waiting for him to pop the big question!

If that be the case, then make absolutely sure you are in a position to pack your bag and then leave should you get the unfavorable response from your boyfriend since you have to keep your promise. If you had been living with him for the past years, ensure that you have to place to go to should your ultimatum backfire. Prepare a backup plan for yourself before you demand an answer from him.

By going back on your promise and staying with the relationship even though he had plainly revealed the undesirable answer in reply to the ultimatum, you are only cheapening yourself.

So, before you decide to give your boyfriend a marriage ultimatum, make sure you are ready to hear the truth and act on the response, whatever it may be. There are definitely pros and cons to issuing an ultimatum but the truth can be painful, thus you have to put in much thoughts before acting!

How to get him to commit to you willingly and without you being too aggressive?

Is waiting patiently the sole answer to your problem?

beautiful_brideDefinitely not! Instead of stressing him to wed you, here are 5 tips to help you get the ring.

1. Gain his trust

Before you can get him to propose to you, you have to let him see that you are indeed the perfect girl for him.

The ultimate means to gaining his faith is to be a good pal as well as a great audience. Make him feel stress-free and comfortable when you are with him. It is very important to just be yourself when you are together. If he senses that he has a supportive friend in you, he will definitely desire to spend his whole life with you!

2. Carry out fun activities together

When you are dating, you do not always have to simply go for walks along beaches or to posh restaurants for meals. That will be very boring and he will not want to imagine spending his whole life with a boring person!

Instead, go on holidays together, attend hobby classes during the weekends or carry out household chores together. Try to add in fun activities that both of you enjoy doing. You have to help him to see that life can be very interesting with you.

3. Go on with your life

There are some girls who would stop spending time with their own friends once they have a boyfriend. Worse, some might even stop their boyfriend from going out with his personal friends and insist on tagging along each time! That will only scare your boyfriend away as they cannot imagine a life with no other friends!

Instead, you should carry on with your social life even though you now have a boyfriend. Enjoy yourself going out with them just like before. This will show your guy that you are not a clingy kind of girl and that he can still have his personal life should he be married to you.

4. Get along with his family

wedding ringsWhen I was dating with my boyfriend, I used to attend all functions that I was invited to and always ensure that I was polite to every member of his family. I even cooked for them and baked cookies, cakes and stuff for their parties that I was invited to. I make it a point that they like me!

This is a very important step because they will see that I am the ideal girl for him and pressurize him into proposing to me! I did not even have to drop him any hint or issue a marriage ultimatum as his parents were the ones who were afraid that I would leave if he did not marry me soon. So if you want to get your man to commit, start by being an ideal daughter-in-law!

5. Cook for him

For many men, food is the way to their stomachs! Whenever you can find the chance, cook or bake for him. Find occasions when you can even help him to tidy his house or room. That will show him that you are not just an ideal girlfriend, but a perfect wife as well!

You may soon hear the ringing of your wedding bells if you diligently employ these love suggestions in your love life. That way, you can stop stressing yourself up and be ready to start preparing for your big day!

 How To Get Him To Propose?

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